Courses & Activities


GHAA Hunting and Firearms in Australia Course

  • One of the best & most comprehensive & best priced general hunter education course in Australia.
  • All new members wishing to gain access to hunt game or feral pest animals on GHAA properties must first complete our Hunting and Firearms in Australia Course. This course is mandatory for all new members regardless of their hunting and firearm experience.
  • Landholders who have seen the detail in this course are now asking for this course as a base minimum to gain access to their properties, for all hunters wishing to use their land.
  • The Hunting and Firearms in Australia Course is held on one of our properties in one 1 day (9am Friday to noon Sunday).
  • You don’t need to have your Firearms Licence to undertake this training.
  • Not required if your Membership is solely ‘reason to own’ firearms licencing purposes.
  •  Our next Hunting and Firearms in Australia Courses will be held – courses will have dates updated shortly

The  Hunter Education Course covers all aspects of hunting and shooting.

Topics include:

  • GHAA Club rules
  • GHAA club Properties rules and information
  • Private land hunting in Australia
  • Understanding Farms and Farmer Relations
  • Firearm Familiarisation and Safety
  • Hunting and shooting safety
  • Bush Navigation and safety
  • Use of GPS and UHF radios – mandatory on GHAA properties
  • Hunting and shooting equipment
  • Selecting Firearms and ammunition for purpose
  • Game animal harvest and butchering
  • Target animal species information
  • Trail Cameras
  • and lots more

 AND we constantly teach:

  • Adhere to ALL the firearm transport, storage rules and allied laws for everyone’s benefit.


Some comments about GHAA’s Hunter Education Course

  • “I’ve done several hunter education courses around the world, this is the most comprehensive I’ve done” – Geoff W
  • “Great weekend and a very professional course …” – Barry T
  • “Top HE Course, appreciate all your time and energy .. ” – Anton K
  • ” …. it is very easy to see the huge amount of effort that has gone into putting it together and it has definitely left me with a passion to go out there and learn more  and give it a go” – Joseph W
  • “…. I believe that each and every participant will have gained invaluable knowledge from the course, as I have, despite their experience.  The firearms industry is one that is under constant scrutiny, and subject to negative media and political comment on a regular basis, it is only through organisations such as yours that enable and empower the end user in a positive way.” – Paul T
  • “Would recommend this club and course to anyone with genuine interest in hunting. Great value for money, thanks again.” – Wayne G
Firearm Safety Training

 (“Statement of Attainment for Long Arms Licensing”)

All persons requiring a firearms licence in Australia are required to undertake an approved course in firearms safe handling. The course is entitled “Statement of Attainment for Long Arms Licensing”.

R- Licence Training

GHAA is an Approved Hunting Organisation for NSW DPI R- Licence.

Due to NSW DPI moving to online training we will no longer be offering R-Licence  training



Annual Dinner

GHAA holds its annual dinner in July of each year. The “Xmas in July“ dinner event is well attended by club members and their wives and partners. At this event we have awards for:

  • Photo Competition awards– for club members who have submitted photographs during the past year. Categories are announced annually.
  • Trophy Animal awards – best deer, pig, goat & other animal classes
  • The Golden Dozer Award– for the member who has got themselves into the deepest darkest mud hole of the year.
Shotgunners Sporting Day
Usually held May and September of each year’ for those members that enjoy a bit of shotgunning. Held at the Gold Coast Clay Target Club.
Other Club Activities

GHAA’s very proactive committee is always looking for way to engage our members with locally held events in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Over the last few years, we have had days targeting:

  • Wild Dogs and Trapping
  • Handgun range days
  • Shotgunners sporting days
  • social get togethers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast