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About GHAA | Game Hunters Association of Australia

About the Game Hunters Association of Australia


To be a leading hunting organisation in Australia, providing hunting opportunities, education, and advocacy for hunters nationally. Facilitating the links between hunters, landholders, government, and the broader community. Building relations with hunting and firearm organisations towards common goals and unity. Open to engaging with all ethical hunters and anyone who wishes to participate in our community. Ensuring hunting is understood and accepted so it can take its rightful place in modern Australian society.  


To raise the profile of recreational hunting within Australia, by an unwavering commitment to Education, Safety, Our Members, and Landholders, whilst proactively engaging with all stakeholders. We strive to grow the club by achieving our vision and living our values. 


Safety – Safety all the time, every time.   

Diversity and Inclusion – We will build a diverse and inclusive community.  

Respect – We will show respect in all interactions.  

Honesty, Integrity and Trust – Through Honesty, Integrity and Trust we exemplify the values of the club.  

Ethics and Accountability – We subscribe to a high standard of ethical and sportsman like conduct. We are accountable for every action and interaction. 

Conservation – We see conservation as an active process in which Hunting has a place. 

Education – Through education we continue to grow and create awareness. We seek to eliminate prejudice around hunting, replacing it with informed knowledge. 


The Game Hunters Association of Australia (GHAA) is:

  • recognised by the QLD Police Service as an approved recreational hunting club for the purpose of licensing for Category A and B firearms and category M crossbows. ( Approval Number 79000008-01)
  • recognised by the NSW Police Service as an approved recreational hunting club for the purpose of licensing for Category A and B firearms (Approval Number 407745119)
  • approved by the NSW DPI as an approved hunting organisation thus qualified to train and accredit (with an “R class” licence) licensed hunters to hunt in NSW State Forests and Game Reserves under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002. AHO number 11242
  • a diverse and inclusive group of people coming from a wide range of backgrounds and talents ranging from Academia and the Judiciary through to Public Servants and Tradesmen.
  • proud of the fact that over 25% of our Members hold a Family Membership

Game Hunters Association of Australia Objectives

  • To promote a greater interest in game and pest management and safe hunting.
  • To train and upskill members about game, pest species and hunting
  • To encourage members to organise hunting trips both in Australia and Overseas
  • To encourage members to participate in wildlife, game, pest species and hunting trip photography.
  • To raise funds to further the objectives of the club for the members benefit.
  • To work in conjunction with private landholders, local, state and federal authorities and other bodies to bring about a better understanding between hunters and the people who control the land.

Game Hunters of Australia Inc. Code of Conduct

  • A member shall not breach, encourage or condone any violation of the wildlife regulations. A member shall make a reasonable effort to report any known violation of the regulations to relevant authorities at the earliest opportunity.
  • A member has a duty to uphold the standards and reputation of the Game Hunters Association of Australia and the hunting fraternity.
  • A member shall not use any alcohol, or any other drug or substance, to the extent that the use impairs the user physically or mentally while engaged in any club or hunting activities.
  • A member shall make every effort possible to ensure the safety of all people, livestock, animals, property and buildings in their hunting area.
  • There shall be full cooperation between members of the Game Hunters Association of Australia and other user groups within the same area.
  • A member shall seek permission from the rightful owner prior to entering all private properties and respect their crops, property and equipment, leave gates as found.
  • A member shall respect the landowner’s wishes, written, verbal or otherwise, at all times.
  • A member shall report all suspicious activities to the landowner, on the property to which they have lawful and rightful access, at the earliest possibility.
  • A member shall respect all species he/she is pursuing. A member shall make every reasonable attempt to locate and retrieve their quarry. This responsibility includes understanding the habits of the quarry as well as understanding their own limitations and that of their hunting equipment.